Challenges of Young men with Pastor Bolaji O

CHALLENGES BEFORE THE YOUNG MAN So I’ve been challenged to write this piece on the challenges facing young men, well guess since am a man who has passed thru “youth” (WARNING: am still young o‼!) I’ve something to say. Everywhere you turn you find so many battles facing youths and for the male specie (no offence to all females) there seems to be a demand for greatness and success thrust on them that can be confusing and overwhelming, with many wondering how to get thru, so hope as we take this journey, we all grow together. THE CHALLENGE OF SUCCESS Some years ago I was talking with my mentor about why young men didn’t get married early anymore and I told him it was because of the demand for men to succeed before they settled down. Truth is man is created with an innate desire to be the best and to succeed; while it’s easy to find ladies who depend entirely on a man and no‎ insults would be thrown at them, same can’t be said for guys. So guys are wired to measure themselves by the successes they achieve in life. Success in this case refers to achieving set goals and being celebrated. These goals could be those set by self or those set by others, it really doesn’t matter to a guy, guys are driven by the force of expectation. Yet this demand puts pressure on a guy, this need to be celebrated drives guys to extremes in most cases either the “”anything goes” extreme or “”I’ll just coast through” extreme. Guys, the most successful people in life are those who have found the balance between these extremes. To arrive at this balance, you must keep these in mind; 1. You are designed to succeed. Never doubt your ability to succeed, you can question your path, your methods but never question your ability to succeed. This assurance and faith in your design will help you stay grounded no matter how many fails you encounter. One who believes he is able always being able. 2. Find your success button. Recently, I was thinking to myself how amazing it is that so many people practice the same profession yet you find so many who are being celebrated even in the same field, genre or specialisation and I realised that each person was unique. The secret to not being overwhelmed by the demands of success is discovering your success button. What button brings out the best in you and brings out the depths of who you are, there’s something that makes you unique. Growing up, I always had this situation where at home I was compared to my mates but I always responded by saying I wasn’t like them nor was I them. In school, I was asked to read like my mates but linearly that I had a reading style that brought out my best and when I tried my friend’s style I nearly failed. Point is, knowing your “selling point” keeps you grounded and ensures you win. There’s always a market for uniqueness. 3. Success is Incomparable. No two achievements are the same, they may be similar but they aren’t the same, measuring yourself by the achievements of others is you selling yourself short because you are denying the victories that brought you as far as you’ve gotten and the strength you’ve shown and built up thru the process. Success is in measures, and every success no matter how small is success. There’s really no universal standard for success, that standard keeps changing as humans change. Many times when people try to “motivate” you by comparing you with others, they stir up jealousy and envy in you, STOP, don’t let that happen to you. Negative emotions can never produce positive results, So if you let your achievements be compared with another, you’ll become a slave to the expectations and standard of others and fall before you cross your finish line. Have you ever noticed that you’re confronted with comparisons of people who have gone ahead of you and you’re shown their results but not their process? There are no results without process, you are in your process. Bro, every process is made of many achievements that prepare you for your grand achievement. Keep at the back of your mind, success is not the absence of failing, success is when your failings become steps to the top. Success is a journey not a destination. C ya

Please join Pastor Bolaji later this evening in the city of Jos at fresh Ground Chapel of Mercy for a refreshing time, and next week as he continues this series, and on his own blog @ for more life lessons . Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Challenges of Young men with Pastor Bolaji O

  1. A timely and inspiring message. Indeed you must identify your selling point otherwise you’ll get caught up in the rat race.


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