How to know you have been called to be a pastor with Pastor Fidelia

Knowing You have been called to be a Pastor: 
     I am asked to write on the topic because I have been a pastor and still pastoring. First of all I should say the work of the pastor goes beyond the Church walls. The society we live in is broken and is in need of serious mending at all cost. Most people on the streets (especially the youth) are battered and wounded emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and otherwise. They are looking for help and as a result, many have turned to different directions for the search of healing balm. In the process of searching for healing, they encounter a lot of negativity calling and beckoning on them – demanding their attention. 
   To be a pastor then in the midst of all these challenges is not a child’s play. You must know that you have really been called into the office to fit in. 
UNDERSTANDING PASTORING-  In time past, pastoring was looked upon as a vocation for failures who take to it as a last resort. But over the years, that has changed and still changing  as many people now want to be addressed as man or woman of God and have all the accolade that goes with it. The office of the pastor now is highly sensitive with aura of honor around it. The desire of this honor however is not enough to make you want to go into the office of a pastor though that has been the mistake of some pastors in this generation. The reality remains that as peoples mindset about the relationship between pastors and failure changes, the demand and challenge of pastoring is becoming greater in a broken and wounded world of recklessness. If you must be a pastor in a time like this, then you have to be sure of your call as that is one thing that will keep you going in the face of challenge even when others fail. See you next week.


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