When I was in the University I remember how lots of my friends sat around talking about how they’ll be millionaires a few years after the left school. Many had dreams of grandeur, hmmm! Unfortunately most of us are still not rolling in millions. Ha ha ha! Money doesn’t come easy but let me assure you money comes. Some don’t even have issues getting money but keeping it or growing it is their challenge. Over the years, I’ve learnt some truths about money and what attracts money to you. So let’s get on this train and journey together. Firstly, Money responds to who you are. It is said that money is a visitor, this means that money has no permanent owner. Like any visitor, it is how you treat it that determines if it stays or not. You are either welcoming and providing an environment that makes it comfortable or you are creating an environment that Listen “MONEY COMES TO EVERYBODY BUT MONEY DOESN’T STAY WITH EVERYBODY”. Understand this, money is a tool for expression. Money doesn’t make you who you are, money shows who you are. So when you come in contact with money no matter how little, the way you act with it determines if it stays with you or moves on. MONEY IS A PRIVILEGE, MONEY ISN’T A RIGHT. To attract money, grow it and keep it, you MUST GROW yourself. It’s you money will respond to. You can’t attract, keep nor grow money that you are incapable of controlling. Money doesn’t stay with whomever can’t master it. Secondly, Money doesn’t respond to effort alone. Many will challenge this but think about it, if effort was what attracted/grew money and then the laborers will be the richest people in the world. The truth is that the richest people in the world are those who “seem” to do the least. Note I said, “seem”. They seem to do the least but they actually do the most. Why, people like this know that money is attracted by/to needs, every time a need is created, money always rises to meet it. I’ve seen this replicated over and over again. So why are my needs not being met? you might ask, but let me ask you, when you say that are you thinking about your wants or your needs? A need is a necessity, an essential. For example, do you realize that the need in your life is to have food to eat and eating three square meals is a “luxury”? You might be revolting right now but I remember as a student, I never really sort to eat three times, I just sought to have food to eat, to maintain strength. You do realize that eating at a fast food joint isn’t a need, it’s a want. A want is something you can choose to do without. A want is good for you but a want doesn’t empower you to attract, grow or keep your money. Have you ever wondered why it seems parents always have money to take care of their kids but never seem to have the latest gadgets? Because their kids are necessities but gadgets are wants. Let me add, Money doesn’t respond to your prayers, money isn’t spiritual, it can only be used for spiritual purposes. You can’t call money forth, even Jesus asked Peter to go fish as the need arose not just for the fun of it. Another truth I’ve learnt is that, Money responds to motives and vision. Your reason for wanting money has an effect on if you will get it or not. Remember, money flows from others to you, money doesn’t rain from the heavens. If you are going to spend money to express yourself then you will lose out. People have always wondered why when you talk about getting money, Giving always comes up. Well, Riches are a product of favour. To get riches, you must gain the favour of people, even the bible says “”shall men add into your bosom”, God will never do the addition by magic, it’s the people you have gained favour from that will do the adding. Money is like a river, if it doesn’t flow out of you, it will fry with you. A river never runs dry of water even if it dries a little because it’s supply another but a pond dries up because it doesn’t have the channels to feed others. Too many people are like my mates in school who when talking about getting money all they talked about were the cars they’d own, the trips they’d take, the houses they’d build etc. Giving is the easiest and fastest way to attract favour. Saying this, you must give with the right motives, if you give because you want to receive then you will create an unhealthy environment for money to grow in your life. Giving in this stance, doesn’t refer to money alone but also, time, abilities etc. Money will not stay where the vision is not bigger than yourself. Bill Gates once said that his reason for building Microsoft wasn’t to make money but rather to make computers available to as many people as possible. He was giving and his motive/vision was bigger than himself. Have you ever taken apart the word “Provision”? It really consists of two words; “Pro” meaning “For” and Vision so simply put Provision means “”For the vision”, why should money respond to you if you don’t have a vision? The last truth I’ll share is that, Money responds to times, seasons and process. Like I said before, money will come to everyone but money doesn’t come to everyone at the the same time. Go ask anyone who’s had money in one form or the other, money flows in seasons. So many are in such a hurry to get rich and make money that the outrun the season or timing of their lives. To get money, there’s a level of patience you need to have. Money stays with the tested, same way money is a test. Too many, live in fear that they’ll never get the money they desire and this fear drives them to get out of season. Please be careful, remember that anything that grows out of season will not last. Your season will come, don’t let the season of another drive you to envy and lead you to the path of extinction. The story is told of a young man who sought for his inheritance, he was given but he squandered it and had to go back home to his father empty handed. Was it his request that was wrong? No, it was the season that was wrong. There’s a reason inheritances are given after the father passes away, it’s because by that time it’s believed you’ve been groomed to take care of it. Don’t truncate your grooming process. Too many people, want to ignore process to get money. Even the money many seek is processed so why shouldn’t the one seeking it also follow process. There’s nothing to fear, you share of the riches of this earth won’t pass you by as long as you don’t let yourself get out of season and process. Guys talk about money a lot because in their minds, money makes the world go round, as it is said “”money answers to all things”. Many don’t know this is a bible verse and because of how it has been used over the years, it’s actually been bastardized, sadly. Read it again, it doesn’t say “”everything answers to money”, it says money answers to all things. Unfortunately, money has become a measure of success in this age but money isn’t a sign of success, it’s meant to aid success. Money is a servant, it will respond to anyone, it isn’t choosy about who it responds to so anyone can get money and be rich. Being rich isn’t a true measure of spirituality or better put a measure of God’s love or lack there of. Guys, stop serving money by letting it dictate how and who you are.


Hope this helps someone. Stay blessed. C ya


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