What is the call of God?
 The call of God is a demand placed on your divine endowment for the benefit of others. One of the things we hear people talk about in The Christian community is the call to serve as Pastor. We said last week that it is the call that keeps the called against all odds. Today, there are two things I want you to have in mind as you consider going into pastoral work. That is to know that the call to be pastor is both gift and call.
1.PASTORS ARE A GIFT TO MEN: the bible talked about the gifts given to men by God and one of them is a pastor. You must understand that if you are going to be a pastor, you have to see yourself as a gift to humanity. Considering the way gifts are treated will help a lot. Some gifts are treated with honor while others with disregard. The value you place on a gift, determines to a large extent how you view the gift. Men, being men; pastors are not left out in this gift treatment. Remember the choice of the gift is with the giver but appreciation of it rests with the recipient. As a gift then, you should bear this is mind and be prepared to face up with what ever challenge comes your way as a gift, having in mind that your ultimate rewarder is God. 
2. PASTORING IS A CALL: It is a call placed on you by God to stand between Him and men. You are priest called after the order of Christ to lead men to God. But it has processes. Often, I use this analogy when talking about the call. That you are called does not automatically make you a pastor. Because you will go through the processes of interview, orientation and probation to see if you are fit for the job. After all of these experiences which are not determined by you, you still qualify, then you are employed by the caller to serve in his vineyard. Do not forget that many are called but few are chosen. Do not jump from your place of call to that of a ‘great pastor’, it is a costly error. Follow the process as the disciples followed until they became apostles. See you next week have a great September.


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