Single and yet fulfilled

Single life in our culture is not something to be celebrated for; It has been looked upon as a stigma thereby causing those in this status to live a rejected dejected and always pitiable life, but alas hope is brought to our hearts via this book as this book describes that there is a whole lot of fruitfulness that can be birthed forth from been single.Reading through the pages one could relate well with the stories and lessons shared .And it sure is a booster for the potentials inside anyone of us as she directs us to areas for focus.The writer points out it isnt bad to hope after all for a step up but gives us a hint on the pros and cons.The writer also points out biblically how God views the singles and explains every scenario with Scripture. I enjoyed the writer’s honesty as she relates her personal experiences to us and gave us hints in overcoming , you know its better to hear from an individual that is wearing your type of shoes. I would recommend this book to everyone that is single either by accident or by choice,we could all still live very fulfilled lives and to those that are married that would have cause to counsel any single, it would be worth you reading and to everyone in the about to wed zone…I give the book a five star…


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