Challenges facing young people


Writing a series on challenges facing young males and in the midst of it, I felt challenged to also drop some words for young females around. Being a female isn’t an easy job, am a male and I must confess one of my constant sayings is, “”Thank God am a man”. I say this not in spite of the female race but in acknowledgement of the difficulties faced by ladies. Being a lady is like being a trapeze act, walking a tight rope. Everyone is watching if you will fall but no one seems to be giving a helping hand. The path of ladies are fraught with so much land mines that not many people appreciate. Females face the challenge of how to express themselves because they are generally and usually victims and slaves of the society and cultures. You always hear people say “it’s a man’s world” and this has drawn many ladies to the extremes of feminism, where they are trying to be men and act like men forgetting that the differences is what makes women unique and special. Like it’s always said, “”a copy can never be as good as the original”. Young lady stop trying to turn yourself into a man in pursuit of success in life, if you do you’ll only be second. Other ladies however flow to the other extreme, where they become nonchalet about being the best they can be, they allow themselves be defined by the views and opinions of others never being able to present the treasures in them. Babe (hope you don’t mind me calling you that), you are nobody’s fool neither are you a tool. You are destined and qualified for success same as the male folks BUT don’t be deceived your path will be different. To be successful in this journey of life;- You must never deny who you are. Too many ladies have no idea who they are, if asked that question, they define themselves majorly by the expectations of others or they define themselves trying to ignore their makeup. A successful lady will always acknowledge to herself that she’s not a man and is made up differently from a man. A lady’s make up means she responds differently to things. This is both her strength and weakness so if she’s to succeed, you must discover who you are. No two ladies are similar (sure this isn’t news to you) though they have all the female accessories.- Never deny the limitations. Don’t spend time trying to get the world to give you permission to be you, start creating your own niche. It’s always said that, “”the sky is big enough for all the birds to fly”; you can always find your space. The system might not be fashioned to aid you but still those limitations are your stepping blocks to distinction, fighting them won’t give you victory but rather sap your energy. Don’t misunderstand me, there will be fights against the system you might need to take on but if that’s all you are doing then you’re mostly either just spending time complaining or you are stuck. There will always be people who are ready to help you so the limitations aren’t your problem, they are your ladder.- Don’t deny the expectations. There are expectations that ladies can’t be as good as guys in most endeavors of life, don’t spend time denying them just defy them. Every time you set out, there are things expected of you as a female, (not talking about naughty things), you don’t need to try to prove you aren’t a woman, for God’s sake that’s who you are A WOMAN so prove instead that being a woman isn’t a minus but an asset. When you are expected to cry, cry if necessary but don’t lose your composure. Being a woman is an asset not a liability.- Never deny your responsibilities. Being a woman means that societally, culturally and if we are being honest physiologically, there are responsibilities that women carry that guys don’t carry. Don’t throw away those responsibilities because they are things that make up who you are. For instance, cooking, housekeeping and child rearing/bearing are things better suited to women. The pursuit of success doesn’t mean you should throw these away. Am sure you’ve seen and heard of many celebrities who after spending years chasing their dreams end up talking about wanting kids in their late 40s & 50s, if you are honest, having kids is part of the primal needs of ladies. Yep there are exceptions to this rule but majority follow the rule. The secret is to not throw away these responsibilities in the pursuit of success, learn how they f it into your life because a lady’s Kickstarter is primarily emotional and most of these things tick emotionally boxes. You don’t need to be a man to succeed, if you needed to you’d have been born one. But to succeed, you must walk the tight rope of your femininity with balance and grace. Isn’t it funny that the adjectives sometimes used to describe ladies have to do with subtlety & balance: poise, grace, elegance etc. I hope and pray that as begin this journey looking at the women (especially young ones) and the challenges of life, am able to be of help in giving you the life you were created to live. Stay blessed and C ya



  1. I think this is the truth, i have often said its more difficult been a woman than a man…. But i think this geneartion of young women should stop looking at the outer societal characteristic which comes with its unnecesary,hidden pressures to concentratin on their placement in/with God nd find peace nd purpose… Away from the events nd wants to God’s needs of them….smiles


  2. I would not totally agree that its more difficult being a woman than a man. I believe both genders have challenges exclusive to them and they have both been generously gifted to overcome challenges exclusive to them.


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