To be a pastor is both a calling and a gift as noted last week,and it requires transparent living. 
In addition to the above, there are some requirements that an intending pastor must have in order to fulfill your potential in the pastoral office. They are not done by accidents but are intentional and are cultivated to make you a great gift to your generation. Today we will consider few of them and finish up next week. 
First, you must be
A CHILD OF GOD: To be a pastor, you must be a child of God -Born Again. Going to church, participating in the activities of the Church and knowing the dogmas of the church is not enough qualification to step into the pastoral office. If you do, you are a worker of iniquity because the owner of the flock does not know you. Being born again by the Spirit of God is the beginning point of the call to ministry and also the beginning of getting linked up with the power and helper of the church which is the HOLY SPIRIT. 
Secondly, you must be a person of COMPASSION: This is the next virtue you must have as an intending Christian worker. An uncompassionate heart cannot bear with the sorry sights of many people who come in and around the Church. It take’s compassion to reach out to the spirit of the wounded and broken. The bible records that Jesus, moved with compassion, touched and healed them of all infirmities. It is compassion that brings out the b

est in you. Without it, you will be a hardened dictator and not a pastor. 

Thirdly, you must be a person with A LARGE HEART: This is a heart that accommodates all. It does not discriminate. It gives to all no matter their backgrounds or social status. It makes you a Jesus type of pastor making all to see Christ in you. With a large heart, you have ear for all especially the downtrodden or rejected of the society. With a large heart, you see potentials in the seemingly useless set of people, With large heart, you trust,belief and encourage the down hearted to rise up and become useful and relevant. It takes a large heart to accept people even after you have been mistreated. This lead us to the forth point. 
FORGIVENESS: this is your ability to keep no record of wrongs done you. You can not be a successful pastor and be free from offenses. Some are deliberate while others are results of mistakes or misjudgment. Whichever way they come, offense will abound. But one of the things that will differentiate you from others is when you learn and cultivate the act of forgiving people even when they do not deserve or ask for it. You will have less pressure in your heart to carry but more room to carry the burden of your flock. Keep no record of wrongs as you consider the pastoral assignment and you will prosper. Records of wrongs ties you down and keep you away from people even after issues are sorted out. 
Are you considering going into pastoral ministry, remember you will be dealing with people who will almost all the time put their needs above yours, the above are fruits of a pastors life and they do not come easy, you must bear as you live in accordance with the Holy Spirit. Then and only then will you succeed in pastoral work. Work on this for now, next week we will study other fruits Have a great week.

Join pastor Fidelia Mgbogu @ chapel of mercy PH on Sundays and Wednesdays for more teachings. Thank you


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