Guess someone out there will wonder ‘how can he talk about being a woman, is he one?’ No am not but I’ve had the privilege of being surrounded with so many ladies and more especially women that I’ve gleaned some insights that could help.
There’s a truth that most members of the female sex don’t seem to know, NOT EVERY FEMALE IS A WOMAN. (I can feel someone boiling right now, pls don’t overheat, I’ll turn down the fire, Lol!). As uncomfortable as this truth is, it’s still that – THE TRUTH. Have you ever wondered why there are different classifications for the female sex? If it was all about the accessories (abi na assets I go call am) then there wouldn’t be classifications. Do you realize that Adam called Eve “Woman” not girl, lady or otherwise! That’s a thought to consider, isn’t it. Becoming a woman is the height of female-hood, being a woman is a privilege and not a right. You must realize that being a woman is what you become not what you are born with. Being a woman is not about how old you are but rather about what value you are able to add to life. Too many ladies walk around acting as if the world and society owes them everything, they act as if they are meant to be catered for all the days of their lives. Some even act as if they don’t need anyone and wonder why their lives doesn’t seem to find completion. You are not a woman because you can do it all, you are a woman because you do it “right”. Right in this sense doesn’t mean perfection but rather approaching life correctly, being your best wherever you find yourself. Others mistakenly and amazingly think that being married and having children makes you a woman. This is unfortunate because being a woman is more than that. Being a wife is more than saying I do and being a mother is more than giving birth (story for another day I guess, holler if you are interested in that story). Going back to Adam and Eve, you do realize that Adam named Eve and he called her “Woman”. You must understand that Adam & Eve go beyond a picture of marriage unlike what many believe, they are the foundational essence of what human nature stands for. They are the microcosm of men and women. Babe, have you ever asked yourself what Adam saw in Eve that made him call her Woman and not Lady, Girl or B***ch (like some call themselves now)? If you’ve not, Let’s take a stroll considering somethings he must have noticed and the qualities that Eve possessed that made her a woman (and if you have, hope I can add to your wealth of knowledge).
1.Eve was not needy: A woman has needs but she’s not needy. Adam encountered a woman who was the answer to his needs. Ladies, you must build yourself on the inside to meet the needs around you. Thinking about this, you do realize that Adam wasn’t created because of a need Eve had but rather Eve was created to meet a need Adam had. Many see this as the greatness of the man but Stop! Think, which is greater, the need or the solution to that need? Lady stop walking around helpless and acting all hopeless, a woman isn’t helpless and hopeless, she’s a possessor of abilities and qualities foreign to any other being or thing on earth. A woman is one who has come to a place where she knows she’s a “needs meeter” not a “needy beggar”. She recognizes that solutions lie deep on her inside and doesn’t keep looking to others to provide the solutions to her issues turning herself to the “slave” of anything on earth.
This is just one of several points, join us next week for more insights on the qualities that make up a woman. Please drop your comments and questions. Thank you.


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