Life After School


If I had been asked to write on this in my first year after school, I would probably be more idealistic in my approach. I would tell you all the right things you wanna hear. Like how it pays to have spent your entire school years chasing good grades (with a pitiful social life). I’d tell you that your perfect plans of going for NYSC and then masters the next year would come through and you’d get your dream job afterwards! That’s pleasant isn’t it?
Well, life isn’t that perfect. I’m not saying people won’t achieve said dreams, but you’ve gotta prepare yourself to face life squarely. Coming from a society where day jobs are seen as the regular 9-5, having to set up some artistic venture may be a little tricky. Notice there I didn’t say impossible. Nothing is impossible. Not with God.
With such realities on ground, a lot of graduates flock into whatever job opportunities they come across, while trashing their first year degrees. Some are lucky enough to love what they do or be in the right place they need to be while some others dread Mondays because it reminds them of their sad jobs.
Okay. So I’m not here to crash your dreams (I may have burst your idealistic bubbles a bit though)  😊 
Life after school is where life really is. School serves as a training ground or a preparation for what is to come. Belt up! You won’t achieve your dreams by folding your arms. You won’t achieve them by whining about a job you don’t like. Or the economic situation that seems unfavourable. You will achieve them by the power of the one who gave you the dream! If He has birthed that wonderful dream in you to be wealthy someday and feed all the hungry children in the world, then He would bring it to pass in His time!
All hope is not lost. Regardless of what the News has to say or what the statistical reports are. If you’re reading this, know that you have a part to play in God’s grand scheme of things and you can’t afford to be okay with the status quo. The creation is earnestly waiting for your manifestation.
Regardless of the harsh realities in the outside world, I’d still say you should follow your dreams . Hold on to God. He will guide you and show you the way to go.
See you at the top!


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