Challenges facing young people


This is a piece that I know will raise some eyebrows because in our clime, sex is not considered a subject to be publicly discussed yet sex is a vital (even if denied) part of our lives. Many young people and men in general have faced the challenge of how to handle sexual issues, this is not a do or don’t piece on sex but rather my intent is to provide a point of view that will help our interaction with sex as guys.
Without any shadow of doubt, men have a tougher time of dealing with issues of sex, many guys define their manhood or lack thereof by the number of their sexual encounters and many define their spirituality by their “lack” of sexual encounters. This is unfortunate because many of us;guys live in “fear” of sex and see it as a way to prove our manhood, (lol, don’t deny it jare, I’ve been there many times). But I am a firm believer that how you interpret/define something goes a long way to influence and affect how you interact with it and am not ashamed to say that many guys interact wrongly with sex. I believe that until the purpose of a thing is known, abuse is inevitable and never forget, Sex has a purpose. So let’s blow away some myths about sex and get a fresh perspective on sex that will help us live healthy lives.
If you’re like me growing up in this part of the world, sex is almost seen as a taboo and there’s an element of fear that’s embedded in our minds yet isn’t it funny that with all that training we’re still “plagued” with strong sexual urges? Why? I hear you ask, the answer is; Sex is a gift. Sex isn’t a curse that man is meant to bear with but rather it’s a gift that helps man fulfill purpose. If you are a guy with sexual desires, you are among men blessed. Sex wasn’t given to man to destroy him but rather to make him. Understand this, man is designed to be fruitful and multiply and this doesn’t only refer to the spheres of education, career, spirituality etc. but also (if not primarily) that of procreation. So man was created with the ability to reproduce so that he can fulfill purpose, that ability to reproduce is evidenced in sex and sexual urges. If you curse and fight this ability, you are going contrary to your design and it will lead to a lot of unnecessary battles. So does that mean that man can do whatever he likes sexually? NO, NO, NO. YOU ARE NOT HELPLESS AGAINST YOUR SEXUAL URGES.
Sex is a gift not a curse, next week we’ll be expounding more on this statement, hope you were blessed with this piece, please drop your comments, questions and disagreements. C Ya!!!



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