Last week we began to look at the make up that one who is considering pastoral ministry should possess. Following large heart and the others considered last week is a giving personality .GIVER: every time this word is used, the mind of many youth go straight to money. Money is not the only thing to be given and received. Time is of essence to every body yet a pastor must be one willing to give out his time for the benefit of others. A person with listening ear. Everyone wants to talk but few are willing to listen. A pastor must make his ear available for all to unburden their mind and by Holy Spirit proffer solution. A giver of resources (money, shoes , clothes etc.). In the mind of the youth, pastor is to receive but I tell you if you don’t sow as a pastor, you can not receive. It is what you sow that comes back to you. You want to receive, be a giving pastor. TEACHER: A pastor is a teacher. The process of learning to some people can be very heard. You must have the patients needed to achieve change. The aim of teaching is to see change in people’s life. As a pastor, you are not just to teach, but to be a delightful teacher in order to keep the mind of the people alive. You are also expected to be a teacher learner. LEARNER: Many pastors are failing because they fail to continue learning. When you stop learning, you start dying. To keep up with the demands of the time and age, you must continue learning directly and indirectly. You must acquire osmosis under the Holy Spirit and the the various experiences you have gained. You open yourself up to learn from the people you are leading. You invest in books and tapes of the pastor that you want to pattern after. Learn, learn and learn so you will not be ashamed. Welcome to the world of pastors. God bless you.

Join pastor Fidelia @ chapel of mercy Belina Plaza no. 219 old refinery Road elelenwo opp. Radio river Port Harcourt.


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