What are Dreams? Mental pictures you get when you sleep at night? Yes
Mental pictures you get lost in during the day? Yes
Ways you see yourself where everything is going well? Yes
Ways you see yourself with limitless abilities? Yes
Why do we have dreams ? Why do we have the desire to achieve greatness in life, I know a young man who wanted to be a pastor while he was still a small lad but after secondary school he changed his mind he wanted to be a Medical doctor just like most guys his age because that was the talk of the day at that time “Medicine and Surgery “. He didn’t get admission that year, he wrote jamb again but this time around he wanted to be a civil engineer but still didn’t get admission, he didn’t give up he still wrote jamb again and still changed the course to chemical engineering, finally he got the admission but let’s think about this; was that a dream ? did his dreams change as his course choice changed or did he give up and say life is not fair,it always gives u the opposite of what you plan and dream. I will accept whatever comes my way, let me just finish university, get a well paid job, have a family and then die. What about the desire to be world changer ? what about the dream of helping thousands of people ? what about the desire to salvage a nation from a menace ? what happened to the desire to build machines that will help humanity ? what happened to the desire to save people from injustice ? Think about it why are you studying the course you are studying ? why are you on earth ? why? there is hope at the end of the tunnel, you can still achieve that dream, you can still reach that destination, in the words of my teacher “Life is designed to test your staying power” so dear, you have to have deep roots to stand against the winds of life to be able to bear fruit( achieve your dreams) .
Dreams are wonderful and should be pursued and worked on with all our efforts, if they get realized happiness will follow, if they don’t, you would have gained more knowledge and become better, there is no loss gained in pursuing your dreams.
Don’t quit.



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