Book review on Tuesdays with Morrie……

Love, marriage, culture, fear, life,death to mention but a few are issues that are seemingly difficult to comprehend most times because its truths are hard to live out.we have millions of articles and books that talk about these issues but this one is different because it is a true story and speaks through experience. Tuesdays with Morrie is a book that wasnt planned at all,it came about after Mitch Albom accidentally saw his old professor on ABC’s Nightline being interviewed by Ted Koppel about what it was like to be dying of ALS,more commonly known as Lou Gherig’s disease. Mitch had lost track of his Brandeis University professor and college mentor shortly after he graduated and settled in Detroit as a sports writer. Albom was surprised and saddened to learn that Morrie was dying and quickly got in touch with his old professor. What started as a reunion of old friends turned into the project of a lifetime.
 Mitch and Morrie subsequently spent the next sixteen Tuesdays together exploring many of life’s fundamental issues. Morrie was giving his last lecture while Mitch was writing his final thesis. It is the story of a professor of social psychology who has come to understand that life’s complexities can be broken down into simple truths.
This short book is coherent and comprehensive,it resonates with me with every word, It kept me gripped all the way, The afterglow of this book has made me approach life in a different way.I realised death can be beaten if I would learn how to die, then I would learn how to live,And its a five star on this one.Do get reading, its worth your time.

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