Lurking in the shadows.

recently I have witnessed my decisions be questioned at points where they shouldn’t be, and my thoughts and words second guessed where they use to be gospel. So it looks like am finding myself in the shadows, in all areas of my life, away from the spot light.

When your praise isn’t sang.
When men begin to loose sight of you.
When friends leave you and companions won’t walk with you.
The shadows have become home.

When your actions are not seen.
When your actions don’t matter.
When your pain is hidden, and all you do is watch.
the shadows have become home.

When all they see is darkness
So your good is not seen
When all your becoming is darkness
And darkness moves in
Then your becoming a shadow

I think for men being in the shadows is really hard, “I want to lead a battle but am not even allowed to fight”.
However I think lessons can be learnt from the shadows:
Watching greatness under the spotlight helps you learn greatness.
Watching others reminds you that life’s not about you.
Being alone in the dark brings some filtering.
It Shows who is loyal to you when the light isn’t on you, shows who cries out your name when you’re no where to be found.
It shows who takes your place and makes it theirs cause you can’t come out to the light. So maybe I will stay here a little longer, who knows what else life would teach me.
Thank you.
Captain of the flying dutchman.
Still on deck.


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