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How to be a woman 2.

OK so last week we started a series on what it means to be a woman and we were considering the qualities that make a female a woman, here are some more to consider.
2. Eve wasn’t “Independent”: This is the flip side of being needy, Women aren’t those who feel I don’t need anyone, I must do it all. They aren’t living to prove a point, they are living proof of God’s point. God’s point in creating Eve was to show that “Adam” wasn’t the only answer to the needs of the world He had created. They are proof that the ability they carry inside doesn’t need the “approval” of the world. “Independent” people always tend to measure themselves by what men achieve rather than by what they are destined and designed to do. Eve never sort to take Adam’s place though she had the ability inside to take the lead. Women are sure of themselves but not carried away with themselves. A woman finds grace in her giftings and lives sure of what she can give to others. A woman recognizes her limitations and knows when to come under “submission”. Eve wasn’t unable to take care of herself but she realized she needed help and so didn’t seek to be “more than” Adam. A woman knows that not being on top isn’t a statement of her abilities but rather it’s a statement of the season of her life. Eve would later go on to play a pivotal and influential role in Adam’s life (some would say for bad but yet she had gained influence by “submission”). Lady you don’t need to prove a point every time, there are times you step back and let the woman in you grow cause when she does your influence would too. I’ve come across females who think to receive help isn’t a sign of strength, but usually this sends your helpers away and truncates your process. I Was talking to a friend once and I had to ask her, “”why don’t you let those whom God have put in your life help you as they have been directed to?” She just laughed and said she doesn’t know how (or something of the sort). A woman learns & knows how to receive help and also how to give help.
3.Eve was unique: Eve was so different from all Adam had ever seen that he realized that she was the answer to his need. A woman isn’t afraid of her uniqueness because she knows beyond any doubt that her uniqueness is meant to answer to someone’s need (please think beyond a husband at this point). A woman is one who chooses and learns to rise above the pressures to fit just because the majority aren’t like her or cos the majority want her to. A woman isn’t afraid that her convictions which make her distinct from the crowd are a liability but rather lives knowing that those distinctions are her greatest assets. Too many ladies live to be like their friends and have what their friends have and end up falling into the traps their friends fall into but a woman rises above the need to just belong to fulfill the need to stand out. Greatness never fits in. A woman doesn’t use rebellion to find herself, she “rebels” because she’s found herself. She steps out to let the God-given passions and abilities speak out to meet the world’s needs even when the world screams there’s no room for you here.
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