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Last week we started a journey on exploring a fresh perspective on Sex, this week we’ll be continuing that journey and discovering deeper truths…
Sexual infidelity is a mark of weakness in a man and not strength. But many feel helpless yet this isn’t enough to make you lose your fidelity. Why? Consider this, between men and women, guys are the seed carriers,in essence, they are the farmers. Farmers are always seeking where to plant their seeds (guess that’s why guys tend to quickly react to sexual urges than ladies) yet a farmer doesn’t just plant his seed anywhere.
He’s intentional and deliberate, he takes into consideration, the ownership of the land, the harvest he seeks, the land type, the value of his seed and work involved with maintaining the crops till harvest. So how does this relate, a farmer won’t go and plant on another man’s field cos he knows when the harvest comes he won’t gain from it, so why, as a guy, should I keep sowing on other people’s field forgetting that I won’t eat of the harvest.
He values his seed because he knows that in his seed lies his prosperity & posterity and wasting the seed equates to wasting his prosperity & posterity, so also when a guy sows his seed having sex he shows his responsibility by ensuring that it’s a place where his seed is valued. This leads to the land type influencing how seed is dispersed, no farmer just drops seed anywhere and anyhow, he considers the land he’s planting on and ensures that it can give him that which he desires not just temporally but even into his future. Every seed carries with it responsibility, even the seeds that don’t yield still make demands of the farmer especially because the farmer doesn’t know which seed will produce, he’s conscious about taking care of the land well and also choosing the land well. So also, sex places a demand on a guy, it actually causes ladies to expect to be taken care of because you can’t sow your seed and expect to walk away from the land.
SEX DEMANDS DISCIPLINE: because it’s a statement of value. It speaks on the value you place on yourself, your posterity (future) and your prosperity (multiplication). As much as lots of people want to debase and devalue sex yet it’s the driving force of human growth and expansion, so we can’t afford to misuse it. It’s a powerful tool given to men to be like God and create a world. Too many men misuse this tool and have aided in creating a world of hurt, hate and pain instead of joy, love and wealth.
What are you doing with this gift of sex that you’ve been given? Let me know your thoughts, questions. Have a great week C Ya!!!


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