Hello lovelies, one of the recent trends is wearing a kimono, so I decided to make one for myself. Kimonos are a quintessential for every wardrobe and rocking it depends solely on your creativity as it comes in different forms.
Do you ever get bored of wearing shirts and suits to work five days a week? As it could be so boring for people that like to spice up their outfits or love to try out new things. Either u are working in a bank, I.T firm or any corporate organization; u can pull out this looks. This outfit can pass as a Day-To-Night look for a corporate worker who plans switching from office to an evening outing without totally changing their outfit.
Here are simple rules to follow when wearing such look to work
Ensure u wear a camisole/singlet inside
Avoid a dramatic lip colour or eye shadow
Throw in a black pant trousers
For the shoe, make sure u wear black or an earth tone


A simple necklace won’t be too bad.
I wore it to work in the morning and switched to an evening outing in a garden without changing my dress, I only loosen d buttons down to make it look casual for the evening outing.

Outfit Details
Kimono: @Bm_fashiontx
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Vincci


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