AFFAIR with the P.A.


Let me start with saying P.A. here means personal assistant, am just going to give my thoughts about having an affair with the P.A. I hope you love it.

An affair with the P.A, it used to be the secretary, but times have changed.

It used to be having sex with the secretary in the office, now its an affair with the P.A.

wait, but am I saying the affair isn’t sex.

No, its an affair, but not sex.

Its intercourse, but not of the sexual organs, but the mind.

She’s the last person you talk to at night and the first to wake you up the next day.

She solves your problems better than any one else.

She knows how you love your coffee, and how you eat your chicken.

She knows where you would be the next second even though your partner is worrying about where you could be.

Wait you have never seen her naked, but you know when she has a new undergarment on.

She’s great company and laughs at your jokes.

She just understands you better than everyone else and is the first to know when there is trouble at home.

I think emotional affairs have become the order of the day, just because am the one speaking doesn’t mean am not guilty as well, but here are a couple of thoughts I came up with.

  1. Always make time for people you are with, weekends, nights and vacations.
  2. Have PA free zone, times where your PA shouldn’t reach you unless there is an emergency. Now you have to define what an emergency is, I once heard someone say an emergency is when his late mother comes back from the dead and says she has something important to tell him. Make your emergencies problems that only you can solve.
  3. share your thoughts with your special one, value their opinions.
  4. and if all else fails, give your PA another position, give them a promotion and then get someone else.

thank you, please don’t forget to like , share and leave comments. Enjoy your life.


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3 thoughts on “AFFAIR with the P.A.

  1. This was a very, very interesting read. I like how you analyzed the whole relationship with the PA. I think the emotional bond is even deeper than the more obvious physical one. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Now allow me to go and start praying my future husband doesn’t have a sassy PA. LOL!

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