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How to be a woman 3

We’ve been considering a series on what it means to be a woman, so far we have considered a couple of points that explain the several qualities A WOMAN Possesses, here is one more to add to the plate.
4.A Woman lives by Affirmation not by Validation: I mentioned earlier how most ladies are living by approval, this is validation. They live their lives depending on the opinions of others and views of others. It’s unfortunate yet true that most ladies can only live within the approval ratings of their fathers, husbands, friends, bosses etc. I do understand that for ladies the clime can be quite restricting yet there are some who rise above it. Do you realize that it wasn’t Adam’s declaration of Eve as a woman that made her one? No matter what Adam called Eve, it wouldn’t have changed who she was, it would only have changed what Adam would have gained from her. Please listen, what people call you either gives them access to the greatness you carry or shuts them out of the greatness you carry. The opinion of others about you isn’t necessarily a description of what you are capable of but rather it’s a statement of what they think of you. Women know how to live understanding that they can only be a blessing to those who see the greatness in them (affirmation) and not those who are trying to make them into what they are not so as to run their lives (validation). Women who live by affirmation don’t force themselves on anyone, any situation or circumstance, they never debase themselves to show who they are. When you know who you are, you are able to live above validation. Consider this natural allegory all around us, a girl isn’t emotionally & physically mature to meet certain female responsibilities and the lady isn’t mentally/emotionally prepared to meet certain female functions even though she’s physically mature but the woman is one who has attained the ability to both physical, emotionally and mentally meet the responsibilities of being a female. You grow into it true but you must decide to grow into it. The world needs the Woman inside you not the girl you were or the “Lady” you are now. You must realize that all that you go through is aimed at bringing the woman in you out. You might be in transit, you might not have started the journey but just prepare yourself and start to redefine how you view who you are.
Hope this helps on your journey to destiny. As usual all comments, questions and even disagreements are welcome, just drop your thoughts and am sure we’ll find common ground. Stay blessed and C ya!!!


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