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OK so for 2 weeks we considered a different perspective of the all popular entity; SEX, we’ll be taking a step further as we look at the different dynamics of sex.
Am Intrigued by the word “dynamics” which refers to the forces that cause movement. So what are the forces that generate sexual interactions. Hmmm, just sat wondering about this and felt like penning down my thoughts. It’s undeniable that sex is powerful but sex isn’t bad. I say this upfront cos many times people create these extremes of sex being totally wrong needing unbreakable boundaries and others are at the extreme believing sex should be so common that boundaries shouldn’t exist. Well as usual, am in the middle of this argument. But am more intrigued at understanding what drives sex. These are some of the things I’ve learnt along the way.
1.Sex starts from the mind: The mind is the seat of the nature of man and it’s where humans develop who they are and how they interact with their world. Sex is a primal and logical urge for men but sex is an emotional & heartfelt urge for ladies. For guys therefore, sex goes a long way to help them express who they are, it’s such a natural reaction in their system that they don’t seem to know why they shouldn’t get it done regularly but for ladies it’s an emotional expression that stems from their heart being joined to someone. It meets an emotional need while in guys it meets a physical need. Few guys actually see the emotional connection, though in reality sex does enhance the emotional and spiritual stance of a person.
To deal with sex, you must first deal with your mind, the thoughts you have built up in your mind about sex become the reality you experience in life. So if in your mind sex is something to be feared, you’ll live in that fear till you break that hold of fear. If your mind considers it something to avoid no matter what (cos there are many people who even after marriage can’t shake the feeling that sex is sin) then you’ll keep avoiding it. For some sex is something you can’t do without or say “no” to and so once they have any opportunity they take it. So you need to renew your mind as regards sex and what it’s meant to fulfill.
Renew your mind and enjoy your gift! C ya!

Bolaji Oloyede


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