Time Machine – Book Review

Time machine is a  science fictional book.. It is a tale of a time traveller who was conveyed to and back from the future by his hand built time machine. It contains explicit descriptions that carry u along on his journey in time and I bet that u will be thrilled to find out his new discoveries.
The book is about a time traveller who argued against scientific belief that any real object would move IN four directionS (length, breadth, thickness and time)… He also had a time machine which he believed moved in time, he showed it to some learned men who doubted his theory or research… He mounted the time machine and unbelievably travelled in time with an experience like never before, he met archaic individuals back in time .
  The rating on this book is a 7.0. I was expecting more scientific stuffs, His explanation on matters were really  detailed his idea on the book was wonderful I was impressed with descriptions of both species of Humans…. I recommend the book for fictional readers…


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