Last week we started considering the different dynamics of sex, we looked at how it is. Thing of the mind and requires. Balanced perspective for maximum and efficient use, this week we’ll be looking at something a bit different and complex.
2. Sex is love-driven & lust-driven: Sex is driven by two “human” forces. Your quest is either driven by your lust which is a desire to satisfy yourself regardless of its effect on another person and in most cases even yourself. Listen, one can be married and still have sex with your spouse out of lust. Lust is devoid of commitment and connection. It revolves around you and your wants. A love driven sex quest is built on mutual satisfaction and goodness. It stems from a place of commitment and a decision to seek the best for the other person and yourself. Sex without boundaries can’t exist because a life without boundaries leads to anarchy. Isn’t it funny that even those who seem to be wild still won’t take kindly to being cheated on though they feel sex shouldn’t have boundaries? The truth is that more often than not most guys are lust-driven when it comes to sex cos they aren’t really out to meet the need of their partners so if things turn out “negatively” they abandon the lady and find their next “prey”, creating a world of pain and hurt. A hurting woman nurtures a hurting world.
For ladies however, sex exists more often from a love-driven posture. I believe that most women have sex to express love. You’ll find situations where a lady would rather sleep with a man she despises so as to meet the needs of her family, she can be despised by society but she was driven not by love of self but usually by love of family. (Not saying it’s right just stating the case) or a lady sleeps with a guy cos it would make him happy not cause it makes her happy.
3.Sex is bonding: Sex is the greatest fulfillment of the human need to bond, humans have a need to connect and belong. Sex meets that need more than any other act on earth. Yet, bonding isn’t just a physical action, it’s a spiritual action that links things intrinsically together, it involves going all the way into the very nature of a thing to link two different things together. It’s evidenced in chemistry when elements are bonded together, it’s not done on the surface and once done, it intrinsically changes the nature of both elements and so also with people once we are bonded in sex, it intrinsically changes who we are. The magnitude of bonding demands that we don’t just do it without recourse to care and purpose. These forces aren’t reason not to partake in sex and to be honest people won’t stop even if you banned sex cos sex is inextricably tied to who we are as people but never forget,
Sex is intended for you to discover yourself, not for you to sell yourself short. Am open to all views, comments and questions. Stay strong & C ya


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