All the help I can get

Good evening, hope you had a cool day? 
So today I got thinking, this is how it started; with eternity, you know how people say they need all the help they can get, hence the reason behind different gods and people adding charms to a religion, cause they don’t won’t to loose out, hence they exploit their options and invest in them. 
Then we bring it and apply it to getting help, when we are in need, we tend to explore all our options, asking for help every where we can and all, not putting all our eggs in one basket, you know if something happens and one person fails, well we have another hope. 
Then we bring it into relationship, dating, marriage and then, you know, these things end so let’s have something small by the side so when it happens we can have something to fall on, it doesn’t have to be direct and open, sometimes it’s subtle. 

Now is this logic wrong? No people fail, but here are some of my thoughts. 

  • if you don’t have complete faith in me, then you are also a reason for my disappointment. 

  • why should I make you a priority when all you made me was an option. 

When I write these things ( the blog) I am speaking to myself to, so 

  • why should I expect to be your priority when am just your option. 

Am not saying this decision will pay but am beginning to learn that sometimes our good decisions don’t give us the desired outcome but they make us more desirable people. 

Thank you


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