Challenges facing young people


If you’ve ever gone to do a medical check up, before you can get a report on the state of your 
health, your bodily functions are measured and it is this measure that determines your report
so also the life of a man. The life of every man is being measured. It’s
this measurement that drives the definition of “success” for every man.
So as I get down to write this, I want to focus on two things that drive
the pursuits of our lives. AMBITION VS. VISION I can hear someone
asking, “”Aren’t they the same?” Truth is they are not the same. They
might be treated the same but the essence of both are quite different
and they lead to different destinations. They both reside in our minds
and are personal, they can only be determined individually and can’t be
forced on anyone. Our understanding of these two life forces influence
our definition and pursuit of success. So let’s take this ride together. 
1.  Ambition pursues success so as to promote self but Vision pursues success
to empower others: Ambitious people tend to define themselves by what
they have while Visionaries define themselves by who they touch. Ambition
believes that it’s what you have that gives you value, Vision believes that
it’s who you are that give value to what you have. Ambition spends time
trying to trap possessions to increase self worth but vision spends time
building self worth to increase the value of their possessions. I’ve seen
rich people with awful characters who are despised and who inspire of
their perceived success command no influence yet I’ve seen “poor” people
who command greater influence. 
2.  Ambition is willing to do anything to
get to the top: With ambition there’s an “anything goes” mentality;
“every way is a way” mentality and this usually drives the ambitious to
go beyond bounds. That’s why many people will just accept any job
regardless, I’ve heard graduates for example say, “”am willing to do
anything”, that sounds nice but think about it, is that the best you can
be, “anything?” I believe that work is honourable but not all work takes
you to your best. They tend to have a “jack of all trade” ideology and
they call it “hustling”. Am not against hard work but hard work isn’t
always smart work. Vision on the other hand is driven by the needful,
it doesn’t just take on board anything and everything. Vision is a life of
definition, a life that recognizes that you can be good at many things but
you can’t be excellent at everything. Visionaries pursue the excellent and
leave the ambitious with the good. The decisions of the visionary are
driven by purpose, such people will do work that help them build that which
they seek no matter how menial. 
3.   A life of ambition sees many trying to
tailor their purpose in life to the gifts they possess but vision seeks to
tailor your gifts to your purpose in life. Many years ago, I was in a
quandary because I felt pressured to make something out of my life, I
believed that I just needed to find a way to be seen as “successful”, so I
was trying to study Cisco Networking, MBA and also trying to get a job but
in the midst of all this, I just got this prompting, “You can’t be master
of all”, this set me free to revaluate my life. It brought me to the
understanding that I have many gifts but I have only one calling and I
decided that my choices must never interfere or distract from my calling.
I tailored my gifts to my purpose. Listen we all have a myriad of abilities
but all those abilities weren’t meant to be used at once and there’s a
particular one that’s meant to spearhead who you are, the others are
your backup singers, trying to give melody to who you are. 
4.  In the journey to success, failing is an integral of the process and ambition &
vision respond differently to failing. Ambition tends to be afraid of
failing because ambition believes that failing makes them a failure. Vision
however tends not to be afraid of failing because it knows that failing
doesn’t make a failure. Don’t misunderstand me, vision doesn’t go out of
its way to attract failing but it understands that failing is part of the
process of succeeding. This is one of the lessons I had to learn in my
life’s journey, the fear of failing redefines the destiny of any man who
gets consumed by it. Truth is failing can be retooled, vision sees failing as
a tool for growth for progress, it considers it an event and not a
destination but many times ambition sees failing as a destination not an
event, it gets slowed down by failings. This fear of failing is responsible
for the desperation of the ambitious and their tendency to take any
route to avoid failure. 
5.  Ambition never knows what to do with success.
One of the lessons of life is that you ultimately arrive wherever you set
out for, but arriving at a destination isn’t what makes a journey
fulfilling, it’s what you do when there. Many men achieve their goals but
after that they have no plan as what to do with their achievements. This
is where Vision trumps Ambition, Vision sees success as a continuum (a
stepping stone) not as a destination. Vision knows that winning isn’t
enough, building on your win is the true definition of success. Check it
out, the greatest champions in the world are those who keep the hunger
of success alive, one of the greatest attributes of Sir Alex Ferguson
(former Man United manager) is that every one attests to the fact that
he was always more hungry for trophies than his players and that was
one of the secrets of his greatness. Vision never arrives, every arrival is a
departure point where Vision is concerned. Success has a price. How much
you are willing to pay is a function of whether your life is driven by the
power of ambition or by the power of vision. What’s the force driving the
pursuits of your life. The path of your life will be determined by which of
these drivers you choose to drive you because it’s your choice and there’s not
much anyone can do for you in this regard.
              Let me end this by saying,” Until you define who you are, you can’t decide which driver
 to drive you”. Like it’s often said, if what you’re dreaming of isn’t bigger than you,
then you are daydreaming but allow me rephrase that statement, “If what
you’re dreaming of serves “only” you, you’re having a nightmare”.


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