Chasing The Dreams

I always heard that dreamers change the world, so I thought to myself to be a world changer then I have to be a dreamer. Arguably world changers are not ordinary men, they long for something ordinary men don’t, the desire to achieve their dream drives them, they don’t give up easily, they go beyond themselves, they do things in a unique manner cos their thought pattern is unique and different from the norm, they hate mediocrity but love excellence.
I have observed most of our youths in Nigerian higher institutions and have noticed a trend of thought which is ” lets get the certificate then graduate and get a good job or join politics and then take a share of the national cake” my question is this, who baked the cake ? Does the cake regenerates itself or does it keep depleting as everyone opportuned selfishly and greedily desimate the cake ? Who is responsible for the baking, growth, rehabilitation and maintenace of the national cake ? think about it ! what happens to the less privileged who are struggling and still manage to provide ingredients for the national cake available at the moment… unfortunately our youths at home are looking up to those in school while the youths in school are looking up to the government officials not knowing or refusing to accept that most of the government officials are thinking about themselves and embezzling money for themseves, they say “family first” but ain’t we a family altogether as a nation ?
Our youths ought to wake up from their sleep, those dozing should stand up, those walking should run, those running should fly, those flying should soar, just don’t be dormant, our country needs dreamers with passion, with humanity at heart and with the country in mind. Why complain when obviously history has shown that complains hardly yields any result and why can’t you help but worry when worry can’t help you either.
The man that wants to farm and is waiting for the weather to be clear before he plants will end up hungry and dissapointed, my friends the condition doesn’t have to be perfect before we act, Nigeria must not be corruption free before we act, apparently no one lives on earth forever so we should start to act right today and tomorrow we will be there to help make things right. Stand up, wake up, think big , behave big, act big and don’t forget to dream big regardless of our present circumstances. All things are working together for our own good, if u have been created to help a nation don’t worry about how it’s going to happen be concerned about being your best today. Make yourself better, read books, lend a helping hand whenever you can, go places, work, be altruistic, be generous, don’t be limited by your present circumstance and most importantly don’t trust your emotions to make decisions because your emotions change with time which makes it unreliable but rather trust and depend on the trustworthy, all knowing, sovereign God who is always reliable and loves all. Don’t quit

Ok, I now have a dream so what am I meant to do about it, most people come across this question after having come up with a dream, the remaining that don’t ask this question, don’t even believe they can realize the dream. My cousin, the other day casually told me that any time he comes across a problem in class, if he doesn’t ask himself how he can solve its ideas never flow in. I realized that before we can be given answers we need to ask, then I was reminded of a popular bible passage Mathew 7:7-8 which says, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For everyone who asks, receives; everyone, who seeks, find; and him who knocks, it shall be opened.
So let’s start chasing the dreams by asking, asking the extent to your dream, why you want to do your dream (trust me you need this a lot), how to get there, you should be able to bring out sub dreams from the main dream (this is called Divide and conquer), basic things you have to do or know before your dreams can be reality. Ask people like friends, parents, and even Google (we are in a digital age) about how they see your dreams. You are asking, not to get approval from them but to get their views about it, during this stage, I think you should write down details about your dreams down; answers from people you asked may broaden your view or narrow it, please choose the broadened one and readjust your dream. Ok well the details of the dreams are down, now let’s move on.
Time to seek the dream, after getting details down and creating sub dreams from the main, you should create goals for each sub dreams, probably daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly goals. This helps you to see your immediate success and be propelled and motivated to achieving your dream after completing the immediate goals. Laziness will set in a lot and you would encounter failures along the way but you have to remember why you want the dream to become reality, if the motivation of this is not enough to get you back on, please get a new reason for your dream that has enough energy to motivate you.
Keep knocking on the door of success and it will have no choice but to open, you can do this by achieving those goals you set, readjust them to reflect the dream more, set new goals, fail and learn from the failure, and keep going no matter what is thrown at you. Success will be yours for the taking.
I will end with two quotes:-
Things get hardest on your way to achieving your dreams when you are closest.
The difference between a master and a novice is that the master has seen more failures than the novice.



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