Hello Divas, I will be talking about my “leopard cheetah prints” gown here.

As a fashion designer, I went to a clothing store to get materials I wanted to use for a customer’s dress, suddenly, my eyes sighted this animal prints fabric and I couldn’t take my eyes off it; I am a freak of animal prints fabrics maybe because I am an animal scientist *winks Besides, there is something spectacular about this one as it is laced with a black net which makes it unique.

The moment I saw the fabric, I knew what I was gonna make with it, I wanted something simple yet stunning so I decided to make a six pieces gown with it and adorn it with a Silver Rhinestone Vintage Applique under the burst. I used a silver turban and

earrings to complement the silver applique.

The fabric is amazing, the length is perfect and it can be worn to a dinner or a wedding ceremony. You can thrown in a silver pouch and shoe to finish up the look.

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