Hi there, guess am the newest crew member on the captain’s ship, here to make sure you make it through the seas of relationships safely and get to the other side as safe as possible.

“They met in school and it was like the earth stood still, he was her Adonis and she was his aphrodite, until half way down the road they realized that the only thing they had in common was their love for cartoons,and nothing seemed to be bringing them closer, and so the fire filled relationship was reduced to ash filled memories.”

So I’ve been thinking on relationships for awhile, a lot of things I wish I knew when I was single, would have saved me from a few bad days, but hey, experience is cool, but sometimes it’s best to be prepared, so here are a few tips for those of you out there who are yet to get into a relationship and also for those already in one, this should help smoothen the bumps on the road a bit.

  1. Be Open: you are meeting a different human being, sure you’ve met a lot of different people while growing up, but this one is different, not someone u meet only in class or in the office or have regular hang outs with or see in a gathering, this is someone you are going to spend almost every second with either physically or in your thoughts, so you might as well be open to what they bring, learn them, their not another you and no matter how many things you have in common there are bound to be some differences, so be opened and be prepared for anything, the key to not being surprised is to be prepared.
  2. Learn To Hit The Pause Button: a relationship is not some midterm test you can do an overnight study on, it’s really a lot of work and can get a bit overwhelming if all you want to do is skip through it like a course. Sometimes you need to pause a bit, observe the person you are with, is he/she happy?, is there a way you can make them happier, more comfortable? Even the little things like noticing how they smile or how their face goes when they’ve had a bad day can really help, it’s all about noticing the details, seeing beyond the front the whole world is used to, and it’s not only about the other person, it’s about you too, are u giving a 100%?, are you happy?, learn to take out sometime from all the busy schedules and appreciate and notice what you have, before it slips away.

3.Create A Friendship: yes a relationship can exist without a friendship, and yes its going to suck a bit, picture this; it’s just two of you, the dates over and you just want to chill and relax, but you can’t with the person you are with cos you guys aren’t tight like that, so you call ur girls,he calls his guys and you guys find comfort out of each other, soon you’ll start to ask yourself what you are doing with the person in the first place, the point of being in a relationship is to be the other persons ‘go-to person’ in almost all situations, and if you guys are only into each other when your having meals or seeing movies, then that’s just like a free food and a movie.

A relationship is a lot of work but the journey is so interesting and in the end…it’s worth it.
Have a great day!


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