I am sure that many of

times you’ve seen when water is trying to form a new path, it branches
out and starts first as a trickle and then as more and more water
recognizes the new path, it widens and grows, That’s how life is. The
rivulets start out muddy and then grow into thriving and flowing waters,
they become an established path. Many times in life we’re all confronted
or existing in the muddy paths of life, everything around us seem so
bleak, dirty, unhealthy and unwelcoming. We in a place where we lose our
sense of balance, sense of value and sense of direction, that place is
called Depression. Everyone goes through depressions in life, truth be told
we all go through it several times over the course of our lives. Many times
we don’t like to acknowledge or confess to it cos hey we all want to be
superheroes (don’t lie o!). Sometimes, it’s even considered to be a thing
of shame, don’t believe that hype, being depressed isn’t the end of life,
in reality it’s just a statement of dissatisfaction with the present level
of your life, it’s a call to a higher life and a greater purpose. That
doesn’t mean many people haven’t been swallowed up in the muddy
waters of depression, yes they have but many more people have swam and
clawed their way out of depression more times than they can count.
Depression might be a sign of weakness but every place of weakness is a
potential place of strength. Depression is birth from what happens in us,
it’s our response to either an internal perception or an external stimuli
(occurrence). It’s an expression of what we believe about what we “see”
happening to us and it’s rooted in negativity. Depression is our response
to the fear an uncertain or un-understood future generates. An un-
understood future is one that you’ve no idea about, it’s not that you
misunderstand the future, it’s that you don’t know your future. When
one can’t see a clear path to the future then it opens the to depression.
Unlikely as it may seem, depression is actually a coping mechanism the
mind employs but like anything else in life, the more your mind dwells on
it, the more you become it and that’s the danger of depression, if you
believe the bleakness you’ll become the bleakness. Depression is either a
stepping stone that you use to climb up the mountain or it becomes the
rock that drowns you even in the shallowest of waters of life. Depression
has led to the death of many. When you are in the muddy waters of
depression, you become blind and unappreciative of your worth and value.
Recently, I was inspired to remind myself that my true worth lies in the
fact that I am still here, no matter what I had to go through to get here,
I got here. Many times, I’ve sat down telling myself how I didn’t do good
but I remind myself I crossed that finish line and once that thought kicks
in I swim on. Life is like the Olympics never forget the true beauty lies
not in winning but in participating, that’s why you see people so happy at
the opening and closing ceremonies not because they won but cos they
were there, without them it wouldn’t have been the same, they made it
happen. Never forget, You make life what it’s meant to be. Never let the
results be the only measure of your worth, your efforts matter most. In
the muddy waters of depression, we tend to overreact to our
dissatisfactions and failings. We allow the problems overwhelm the
solutions. We make extreme decisions at the low points of our lives
forgetting that one extreme can’t resolve another extreme, balance is the
greatest secret to life. Extremes don’t cancel out each other, they
destroy each other. Give yourself permission to live and feel, never
pretend that the pain, fear and doubts aren’t real but never use them as
the foundation for the life you are building cos a life rooted in negativity
can never produce an edifice of positivity. Every failing isn’t an
indictment but rather it’s a notice of what needs work in your life. Many
times, you find so many of us who because of our dissatisfactions we
drive people out of our lives, we abandon opportunities and then later we
are moaning about the unfairness of life. Do you realize that feeling low
is a natural part of living? You’re not a perpetual motion machine i.e. a
machine that works non-stop and doesn’t need any refreshing. You must
learn to stop and give yourself rest, you must learn to kick back and let
the inconsistencies of life become the joke of the day (this part is
written for normal folks not superhuman folks). Depression is sometimes
the spawn of our addiction to the highs of life (not talking about drugs,
alcohol etc.). Many of us live for the highs of accomplishments,
achievements, we build our lives around our pursuits and once we get them
we feel “”so what next”, we mope around until the next dose of
achievements come around. This trait is the bane of most leaders and go-
getters, in truth it might even be what makes them successful but yet
it’s what makes them lose the balance of life. Achievements and
accomplishments can never take the place of appreciating your life. One
must learn contentment before one can gain enjoyment. So many times
people feel you’re only depressed when you can’t function doing normal
things but that’s a lie, you’re depressed when you can’t enjoy the things
that come your way on a daily basis. Life is a gift and if you can’t enjoy
it then you can’t grow it. I could go on and on and say much more but
never forget, Depression is like darkness, it creeps and stalks you in the
dark so never stop shining your light cos only the light drives the
darkness away, a little light is still more powerful than the thickest
darkness. Depression is like a thief, never be off guard but even if
you’re robbed remember that as long as you have life whatever is lost can be replaced.Hope this spoke to you. Thanks for letting me speak to you. C ya‼!


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