Lessons WITH the Devil


As I sat by my table, facing the window, wondering to myself how long before this episode of writers block would be over, he walked in.

He had this afro like the kind I have been trying to grow, and breads like I could never have without a miracle.
He wore my perfect outfit, a dark V neck polo, dark jeans and comfy Nike sneakers, as though it couldn’t get any more freaky he had an iphone 7 in his hands and an Iwatch on his wrist. He asked if he could sit, I was still in awe of his whole persona, then I started wondering how he got in since I always lock myself inside. He smiles at me and says, let me put you out of your mystery. Am the Devil but you can call me Mike.

Yeah, Mike, why am I not surprised, then He said, am here to help you with you writers block.
If you don’t mind I would come around when am free and we would look into certain things together and you would learn from them, oh sorry we would learn from them.
His phone beeped, and he said he had to go, just before he walked out the door, I asked what’s today’s lesson, he turn and with a smile said knowing who the devil is doesn’t stop us from letting him in.

Thank you.


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