Lessons WITH the Devil – am not all knowing

I was returning from my morning run, trying to make it home to drink some water when he ran into me, “hey there”, I looked up and said hello, how was your night?, he laughed and said funny cause you know I don’t sleep, I can’t sleep.

Yeah right, sorry, you would never know God’s amazing gift of rest. So what do you do with all your sleepless nights, scare kids in their dreams?, hahaha no I have Hollywood and their over active imagination for that. Since am not all knowing like the most high I have to study, actually I love to study and I enjoy observing, of course that’s how I figure out what to do. Plus if you have a study like mine, you would love to always be there.

Original books in their original languages, from the first writers
Unread poets
Literatures about God that the church didn’t accept.
Artifacts that you can’t begin to imagine.

I have Adam’s first garment on the wall, yes the one tailored by God Almighty himself.
The instrument that cain used to kill Abel on my table, to remind me of my success and my chair is made of wood from Noah’s ark to remind me of my failures. And of cause to catch up with modern knowledge I have internet, at the demons lounge it goes as high as 1tb per second.

Hmmmmm so I guess today’s lesson is, there is no price to high for knowledge, yes sir, your beginning to get this.

I think if the devil still learns daily who are u to try to stop.

Thank you.


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