My thoughts on mentoring

It’s been a hectic week for me, both mentally and physically, but I feel this is one post I must do.
After a long time I spent a short time with my mentor yesterday, and got me thinking on mentoring.

  1. Mentors won’t say what you want to hear all the time, very seldom do my Mentors tell me what I want to hear, you see that’s the growth process, it’s not easy, it’s different, it’s new, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you.

  2. Mentors are humans, let them have a bad day. Mentors aren’t super or meta humans so they can have bad days so let them, come back tomorrow if they aren’t in the mood today.

  3. Mentors can see things better than you but they could be wrong too.

  4. Mentors are not all knowing, they just know better than you.

  5. Mentors won’t always be there, so take advantage of them without ruining their life.

  6. Sometimes mentors want friendship from you too.

Mentors are needed for desecrate growth

  1. You can get mentors in different spheres of your life.

  2. There is no point of having a mentor if you won’t listen to them.

  3. The goal isn’t to be like your mentor it’s to become better.

So to all my Mentors, thank you all, am very grateful.


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