Building Bridges

A Popular saying goes thus ‘when we get to the bridge we’ll cross it’, but what if you get to the place where the bridge is to be and its not there, what happens then?
For a couple of weeks now I’ve witnessed a variety of cultures, from the north, west and east and I’ll honestly admit that there are a lot of differences and also similarities in the various cultures.
Apart from being from a particular culture, each individual has a personal culture, a set of belief systems, acceptable norms and practices that they have built over time, and when 2 individuals meet, there could be a clash of cultures, and as the relationship keeps progressing if the clash isn’t resolved there will be no bridge to cross when it comes down to enjoying the relationship to the fullest, so here are some tips to help you live in harmony with your significant other:

  1. Appreciate where the person is coming from; nobody likes being told their culture is inferior to another.
  2. Find the common ground: No matter how different cultures are there must be a common ground even if it’s the smallest things like a love of pets or ice cream, find a common ground and take root there.
  3. Create room: each party must create room to allow some parts of the other persons culture into their lives, relationship is about fusing together to make a whole, nd there are no jigsaw puzzle pieces without grooves for interlocking.
    4.Let love lead: when it comes down to it, let your love for the other person be greater than the differences in your cultures, and let it be a propelling force that empowers you to make bridges.

To be accepted one must first accept others.


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