Hello divas, the Ankara fabric has a versatility factor that just keeps giving. Who said u can’t wear Ankara to work on weekdays? I am not one to always follow rules so once in a while, i break the rules. Being a fashion designer, a lot of creativity kept popping up in my head and i wish i could just have enough time to unleash and exhibit them. This is what i made with an Iro and Buba that was gifted to me a few months ago (An Ankara blazer and trousers)
I so love the Ankara blazer because It’s easy to style( once its a good fit) from casuals,to chic,to corporate, its fun, vibrant and add a really lovely touch of style to your outfit, it is a must have for every closet. Are u the type that is always confused about what to wear to your office on Fridays without looking too casual? Or u just like to portray the African in you on Fridays without looking like u are going for some wedding ceremonies? Regardless of any corporate office u work, you can pull out these looks to work on a friday, either you want to rock it with a skirt or trousers, you are good to go.
1. Wearing the Ankara blazer and the Ankara trousers.

  1. Wearing the Ankara trouser with a simple top.

  1. Wearing the Ankara blazer with a black pants trousers.

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