Lessons WITH the devil – aren’t you like me

Maybe am imagining things, maybe an finally going crazy, it’s probably from all this time I spend online. These were my thoughts when I heard a knock on the door. Who is it? It’s Mike, I opened the door, he said well today I was feeling like doing the normal human stuff, to which I replied, cool.

So what’s today’s lesson, “we are more alike than you think”, that’s the lesson he said, I laughed and said Nope! I still pray against world hunger and for world peace. Yeah but at the core me, you, humans are alike. At which core, at your core your evil, at ours, at the very worse a black slate.

OK let me simplify it,
Please do sir
Let’s say since you were born you have given all your life to your father, and you were the most hardworking and innovative, hence his favorite employee. Now this firm is the only thing u know how to do, when your father gets old won’t you like him to step aside and let you run things, especially to show his pride and confidence in you.
Won’t they pray that you become better than him and know better?
Well you have a point there, I said.
That was the same thing with me, just that my own father created eternity so he can’t die and don’t u humans do hostile take overs all the time?
Yes but that does not justify your actions.
He smiles then says, yes I know, I wasn’t trying to justify my actions, I was trying to show how alike we are.
Okay then, I would take heed and watch to be more like God.



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