IMAGINE!!, how to carry out your faith.

Imagine for a moment
That someone created you before your parents had sex.
Imagine you didn’t grow up hearing a virgin got pregnant without having sex.
Imagine, that someone walked on water without the aid of cutting edge next gen Technology.
That people raised the dead back to life with nearly no effort at all.
Imagine that someone told the world would end, not from the earth self destroying it self, not from a zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion
Imagine, like the natural man
Imagine, like the scientific man, cause he’s the one at the receiving end.

So instead of starting with the supernatural crazy, how about start with the natural normal.

How about starting with ” Jesus was a man”.
And saying that you love them
How about saying Jesus loves you
That in spite of the person inadequacies they are loved.
How about the story of the natural man before the supernatural king.
Let’s start from where the van relate with.

Thank you.


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