He was called lame, even though he had a chair that took him everywhere I could go.

They called him blind, however when he spoke I envied his sight.

Everyone said he was deaf, but he alone could hear my heart when it bled.

I was told she couldnt speak, but her actions spoke louder than all of us.

But aren’t we the disabled ones

They ones who would embrace excuses rather than break barriers.

They ones who see the world from its views rather than create ours

We who won’t go out of our comfort zone, even with legs that can run for miles.

It’s us who are deaf to the cries of our neighbours, and the weeping of our friends.

It’s us who have seen the beauty of the world and still choose to destroy it.

So please go get checked up, you could be disabled.

“to let three letters make the other seven useless, is just not fair. Disability”

                      Captain of the flying dutchman...


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