LESSONS WITH THE DEVIL – I pay more attention to you.

So I have moved to a new town, trying to have some vacation from my usual city and maybe my usual madness of writing this column, plus it has been a busy couple of weeks for me, trying to catch up with my friends and contacts also.  In all of that I thought I had lost this, lost this post, lost the inspiration, well am just going to go ahead and say it, i left I had lost him and his visits.


But at the first break I could get he walked into my office, I smiled and said, wow aren’t i surprised, well he said you see I love this city and its weather, its one of the places where I like to come and think. He then went on to give me some tips on how to live in the city and handle the weather.

Of course I asked how he could track me since he isn’t all knowing and he replied the same way we humans have tracked each other from the beginning of time; put a tail on them. Well he said he just dropped in, had some things to put in order before the new year, I could relate as we Christians too were preparing for the new year, its normal for the dark lord to to do the same.

I quickly asked what the lesson for today would be and he said; “I pay more careful attention to you, than you do to yourself” .

So here is my lesson for you today, pay more attention to yourself, am not saying be selfish am saying be self knowing. Thank you, Dutchman.


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