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Why I cheated??

So here’s why I cheated, here’s why we cheated:

I cheated for the thrill, it was quiet challenging didn’t think I could have pulled it off.
It’s not because she was beautiful, but cause she saw the awesome wonder in me.
I knew it was wrong, but she would understand.
It’s not cause I couldn’t help it, but she wasn’t helping.

He paid the bills, but was always out with the boys so I cheated.
He didn’t notice all I did around, so I took my hard work somewhere else.
He seemed ashamed of me, so I cheated with someone who didn’t.
I cheated cause I was bored.

I cheated cause she wouldn’t listen, I needed someone who would.
I cheated cause I wanted fun, and she was always cautious.
I cheated cause it was a slippery slop and I was in it alone.
Well I wasn’t married yet so what’s the big deal.

Well I let him kiss me after he spent the whole day I think that’s only fair.
He was available so I stay in late with him sharing intimate details.
Yes we had sex but it’s not like I planned it so it doesn’t count.
I cheated but I still love him.

I cheated I know you think I could have done better.
I cheated I know you hate me more than ever.
I cheated I know you think am the worse.
So be the better person, forgive me.

Cheating is wrong, un forgiveness isn’t better, forgive that’s how homes are built .


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