Stress 2 Sin

Woke up exhausted but had a lot to do. Did a snap shot devotion and took a look at snap chat. Rushed out of the door like one of those run games. Forgot to say hello to my love or Lord. It was Monday. Ran through the day having to meet deadlines. Ended up drained and down yet still working on machines with no break or human interaction. And so was my week and yet I hadn’t hit my set goal. At this time I couldn’t remember where my Bible was and hadn’t spent any time with myself. Cause of the stress I let myself get under I began to miss appointments, there by making me a liar. But I told myself it was re ordering of priorities even though I had given my word before. Followed by outburst of anger the best way I found to express my rage. Stress had come up on me and with it sin, but I didn’t notice. No wonder the both start with the letter S cause like snakes you can’t see them sneaking up on you. She came with enticing words, offering me meals I could have bought if I just gave myself a break. After which she offered me comfort, the comfort of her arms, soon other parts of her followed. Well the next day I woke up refreshed, well rested, but in sins bed. I know I blame stress but maybe I had sin in me all this time and stress just made it easier to say yes So take a break, it’s spiritual. Thank you


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