Relationships could be stressful, thinking of someone, meeting their needs, being their number 1 fan, tending to the embers of your love, and a whole lot of other things, often times you may slip up on one or two of your ‘relationship duties’ or some things that are personal to you, it’s at times like that you need to hear the words ‘I got you’, this 3 words are often spoken by action, by him doing the dishes so you could have those extra minutes of sleep you desperately need, her choosing to split the bills during some difficult financial times, sitting down to hear all the complaints about how bad the day went or excitement about how good it was, for those married, helping with the kids, remembering appointments and so on. These 3 words when spoken by your partner, are 2nd only to the words ‘I love you’, but when spoken by another person could be the opening phrase to a chapter of infidelity.
Everybody needs to be loved and feel loved, so also everyone needs help sometimes, don’t say it’s his/her job he/she should learn how to balance it with other activities, you could help out, before in the name of balancing the structure of your relationship comes crashing down.
Have your partners back, be dependable, reliable and trust worthy. Be a ride or die person, one that sticks through thick or thin, one that makes necessary adjustments to help the relationship as times nd situations change, be what Paul describes love to be so plainly….
…Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things…
Be your partners anchor and let them be yours.


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