What’s that, tied around your ankle, can you see it, the chain, what’s at the other end, weight…
Many people enter relationships with dead weights around them, could it be pre conceived mindsets from previous relationships or tv shows, a council of elders you relate your every move to, bad habits, envious spectators and the list goes on
Nobody ever made good progress, if any, with a weight strapped to them, keeping weights is a sure way to get worn out and eventually give up, so cut yourself loose.
1. Start your relationship on a fresh ground, no hurts from previous ones, no TV drama expectations, just you and another human being, building your own fairytale ending
2. Minimize the council of elders, am not saying don’t have people you seek advice from, but don’t go about blabbing every single thing to anyone who has an ear.
3. Appreciate efforts, just cos it didn’t turn out the way you saw it in your mind doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth it, appreciate efforts made in your relationship by your partner.
4. Take the plunge, sometimes you just need to step away from the norms a bit and carve your own path, do what makes you happy, not what others expect, be the one who determines what happens in your relationship, after all your the one in it.
It may take a while but if you can be free from weights I think it’s worth it.


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