I woke up that morning and society said I was too fat.
I went and lost some weight, then society said I was too thin.
Society said to be successful I had to get a degree.
I got one then they changed the rules again and said we had to be entrepreneurs.
Growing up society said I shouldn’t look at the ladies, now society demands I get married.

Can you imagine.

Society, I have no idea of your last name and I don’t think you have ever heard mine.
Society, just a bunch of folks telling me how to live my life, but not noticing when I change for them.
Asking me to change my wardrobe but not paying my bills.
Society says to me: be you,
Then I go ahead and be me and then society starts to call me names like crazy and weird.
Society says follow your dreams but won’t let you out of nest.

So what I suggest is fairly outlandous but this is for those who have always worked for others approval,
Be you,
Be crazy,
Change your world cause society won’t.

Thank you


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