My List for Christmas

There is a delusion to this Christmas season; it is that you should spend and not feel guilty after all it’s Christmas. Nothing could be further from the truth. Statistics have shown that people spend more at festive season and then become near broke when January comes calling. Matter-of-fact, new jobs are created every December to compensate for the rush and these jobs all disappear January leaving people with fresh debts.  Am I anti-celebration? Of course not.  But should this tell us something? Sure.

Almost everyone looks forward to Christmas with excitement. Plenty of food. Lots of hugs.  Availability of parole. I also do. But there is a tendency that half of us are going to look back from January with mixed feelings. A reality before our eyes and a weak smile on our lips.

So I came up with this short list to guide me. You may add more in the comments section below:

  1. Everyone may be my friend this Christmas but am not everyone’s friend. I shall spend my money and time strategically.
  2. Not every offer from retailers shall be accepted even if the price were to be slashed by 90%. Don’t take this point literally…
  3. Having fun is not always about going out. Have been away nine months out of twelve. I should spend time with my family, at home.
  4. Put some money away.
  5. There are stuffs I will try renting it versus buying .
  6. I shall be flexible in following the above guidelines.

Wish you guys a fantastic time this period. Merry Christmas!


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