Storms, the wind howling, trees breaking, rain pouring down, sounds on sirens going off, the haze caused by dust, utter despair and confusion. The only way to enjoy a storm is to be out of it, safe and dry where it can never get you, but what happens when your in the middle of it:
1. Think: your not brain dead cos your in a storm, and you might just come up with your best work since it’s a matter of life and death so think, think of how to get to safety, think of how to survive before reaching safety, think of all those counting on you to make it.
2. Move: Don’t just stand there waiting for the worst, Move, as long as there is still breath left in you there is hope, put those thoughts into action and Move.
3. Fight: storms could be nasty, devouring everything and anything in their path, and it’s often said only the strong survive, but I’d like to differ, strong or not, beat down or standing tall, fight, fight cos you must, fight cos you can, fight cos people are counting on you to.
4. Make It: you can’t have gone through all this for nothing, make a resolve to make it, against all odds, let your resolve keep you thinking, moving and fighting.

Relationships could have smooth sailing but once in a while your met with a storm In the middle of the sea, what do you to, abandon ship? Toss out the dead weight? Turn back? Or keep moving? The decisions and actions portrayed during a storm go a long way in determining the outcome of the relationship, so make the right ones; think, move, fight and make it to the other side.
Thank you.


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