Trying to fan my embers
But the cold is fighting back.
Trying to shield my heart
But it’s already cold as ice.
Trying to find my way
But I already lost the path.

HELP! I can’t find me!

I look in the mirror
But all I see is a person I don’t recognize.
I feel my skin beneath my arms
But my touch feels like dry land to a fish
I try and retrace my steps
But all I find are memories long forgotten

HELP! I Can’t find me!

Who is this person I see
I see the smile on my face
But I know I don’t feel it in my heart
I hear the laughter from my lips
But I hear my heart breaking at the same time
I see the steps I take
But I really don’t remember wearing those shoes.

HELP! I can’t find me!

Where did I loose me
Was it in thinking of a past I can’t change
Or worrying about a future am not promised
Was it in trying to fit into the present so as to become better, you know, for the world
Little did I realize that while I was trying to fit in, I was erasing my image.

So that’s it, no more fake lines and no more fake lives
No more trying to be something am not just to get something I don’t want
No more of the he said she said and no more of the trends
No more of the ‘perfect image’ and no more of being society’s little good girl.

I finally found me, I was hidden beneath the ashes of hopeful acceptance and hurtful rejection
Beneath becoming what they want only to be told there’s a new ‘it thing’
I finally found me, and am beautiful inside and out, and if anyone can’t see that and accept that, well it’s too bad for them, cos am never letting Me go.

Find yourself and never let it go!


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