Relationship Resolutions

Happy New year, a fresh chapter has just been opened and it’s up to you to write whatever you wish in it. The new year usually comes with some traditions, praying and fasting for the spiritual folk, budgeting and planning for the business minded people, and a world wide favorite; New year resolutions. Yes every year people decide it’s time to start or stop somethings, some succeed others barely make it past the first week of January.

The whole point of resolutions is to become a better version of yourself, one you’ll be proud of and also a person other people will be pleased to associate with, so today am going to give you helpful tips to become a better you in your relationship this year.

Listen: it’s popularly said that God gave us two ears and one mouth so we could listen more and talk less, this year try to listen to your partner, beyond what their saying, listen to what the wish you’d know, listen to their body language and mood swings, take a moment and actually listen to your partner, and don’t just stop there act on what you have heard.
Caring is sharing: nobody likes a free loader, try and be more responsible this year, get out of your ‘me zone’ and actually care enough to do things that will benefit the other person. Share the responsibilities and share the set backs and accomplishments, be involved physically and emotionally in your partner and the relationship.

It’s a Two-way street: a relationship is not you walking on your lane and chatting with someone on another street like 2miles away, both of you are on the same street, a relationship is only as strong as the 2 parties involved, make it your duty to input something helpful into your relationship this year.

The power Struggle: it’s time to end the power struggle, the endless mind games and tricks just to maintain the ‘power balance’, it’s not a business meeting where you are trying to keep 51% of your company, if you are not open and vulnerable with your partner then you do not fully trust them.

Be an Anchor: yes in a relationship the parties involved might have similar goals they share but sometimes the goals could be on two opposite sides, but no matter the situation, if it’s important to your partner it should be important to you, make up your mind to be a source of strength and support and see your relationship bloom.

Trust: trust your partner, trust their abilities, trust their love for you, trust yourself, trust in the decision you made to be with this person, trust that you have what it takes to steer this relationship. Trust.

Take a minute to examine the previous year, note the good things and the bad moments, be committed to maintain the good ones and to work on the bad ones and am sure you ll have an amazing year. Thank you.


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