Look Within

Am in a bad place 

and I can’t find my way out 

To the left and right everything is falling apart 

how did I get here and more importantly how can I leave

Screaming for help but all I hear is my echo

hello! Is anyone there

can somebody please save me!

For days I tried to get help

building fires so high hoping a plane will pass by, even going as far to send a message in a bottle

anything to get me away from this horrible island of loneliness and depression

and for days no help came

finally I lay in the dirt to die…


Replaying my life story as I waited for death to take me, suddenly my eyes popped open, in replaying my life over I realized I was so much more than a quitter, and if am going to go down am going to go down swinging, all of a sudden what looked like impossibilities and problems turned to solutions and ideas, and with renewed hope and confidence I made my way out of the dark place and stepped into the light.
Sometimes only you can save you

we often depend on others especially our partners to pick us up when we are down, it’s not wrong, but really, sometimes only you can save you

so believe in yourself and save yourself from that depression, anger, addiction, fear, lust, bitterness, anything and everything that is not making you a better version of yourself, if not for you, do it for the person who has committed their life to loving you, wouldn’t you want them to have the best version of you.

Thank you.


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