So here’s how I’ll say I love you this year

I love you
I’ve heard this in different ways
I’ve seen it in diverse forms
I’ve felt it in different places and points
I love you
Something mama says to me every time she opens up her purse and pays my bills with her last notes
I love you
What my pastor tries to say when he gives me time to hear my sometimes childish questions
Am sure it’s the same thing my friends are saying when they share their life with me
I love you
I guess it’s what she’s trying to say when she hugs me and holds me close hoping that by some emotional diffusion my heart will hear her loud echoes from her heart that words can’t speak
I love you
That’s what God’s says when he smuggles some peace into my mind when my eyes behold raging storms
So here’s how I’ll say I love you
I’ll try to work out those things you have always complained about rather than just try to give you a perfect day
Instead of looking all nice and perfect for just one day I’ll work on making it a habit
So here’s how I’ll say I love you this year
Instead of buying you junk food on the 14th am going to eat more healthy
Instead of sitting in a cinema all day I’ll try to start out a work out routine and keep it up
Instead of having just one day of fun I’ll try to take less risks and get better years for us
Instead of just having sex all day I’ll work on becoming a better father
I will tell you I love you by wanting to live, working to stay alive, staying alive and even when deaths angel comes I’ll keep him at bay till I have told you I love you.
Thank you.


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