Seems like ages since i last sat down to put out a post on excellence. Forgive me for the break in transmission, it just goes on to show that excellence is not a state to be attained as it were but rather to be lived out continuously as a life style day in day out. We quit living excellently when we die.
Picking up from where we left off, here’s our tips continua:

Tips for excellent living

1.  Criticize less, Appreciate more. we have found ourselves in a world where everything has to be criticize. it is almost like there is an ongoing contest for best criticism. it doesn’t have to make sense. it just has to be emotional enough…arrgh. Don’t allow yourself to be caught in the web. Negative speech affects the speaker also.
2.  Honor your parents daily.
3.  Write it down immediately. Our mind leak like sieve. Instead of using your mind has a storage for things you need to remember, write it down.
4.  Do not sell your joy. never allow anyone steal it either.
5.  Work for your future…not for your weekends
6Have a smart phone rule. Put away phones on vibration so you can maximize working time.
7.  Have a quiet spirit.
8.  Learn to laugh at yourself. Nothing you enjoy can be used against you.
9Become the requirement of what you require.
10. Always seek ways to improve a process
11.  Don’t just have daily goals. demand and expect results from yourself daily.
12.  Engage in meditation.
13.  In a group project, everyone has something to offer and contribute…be patient with all.
14.  Respect other people’s time.
15.  Money is never the problem, you not being productive is.
16.  You can’t care about everybody, you shouldn’t. but be clear on those you care about.
17.  Get adequate rest.

Thank you for reading. Have a fabulous day.


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