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How much time do I have left.

Am dying, I said, but seeing I was a young man full of life I wasn’t believed.
Well maybe you will listen to it when I say, your dying.
Maybe you will be more careful knowing that any minute could be your last.

Am getting tired.
Of my generation of cause!
Loving stuffs that can’t love them back
Giving all their attention to stuffs that won’t be there when they die.

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Am dying, I know you are to.
Yes you are alive, but the more you live the closer you are to death.
So am trying to live, beyond the now, trying to impact a person if I can’t get my generation to listen.

I think it’s time.
It’s time you and I take a break from work and have lunch.
It’s time you write that song while I write that book.
It’s time we live disregarding what they will say, cause you know what, we will soon be out.

Am dying, so am getting scared
What would really happen when my eyes finally shut.
Then I get this thought
What would happen, will be determined by what I did when those eyes were open.

Am dying, I can’t be cured my doctors tell me.
But you can make my stay more comfortable .
Everyone seems to be more concerned about plants, animals and environments dying, I think it’s time we become concerned even more about humans.

Thank you


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